(Registered Charity Serving Indo Canadians)


Date: 21-Nov-10
Time :11:30 Pm - 2:30 PM
Location: Etobicoke, Ontario

 First Executive meeting of the Telugu Canada Foundation  ( 2010)

Agenda and Points Discussed:

1. Upcoming events
2. Photos& Videos
3. Media
4. Membership Promotions
5. Sponsors
6. Funds Collection and bank account
7. 2010-2011 Committee
8. Miscellaneous


The President, Dr. Surapaneni welcomed all the members and thanked them for their committed effort in attending the first executive committee meeting of the TCF.  He also extended his gratitude to all those who contributed to making the two recent gatherings, grand successes. He reiterated his unconditional commitment and pledged his unwavering support for the continued success and expansion of the organization.

Upcoming events and review of performance of past events 

In view of the success of the recent events hosted by TCF, it was unanimously agreed that the TCF will host the Sankranthi celebrations on January 8, 2011.  The said celebrations will be held at the Lincoln Alexander Secondary School in Mississauga (Malton), Ontario.  The Committee was advised by Anil Lingamaneni of the numerous positive feedbacks form members of the Telugu Community in the GTA and of their desire and enthusiasm to be part of the organization.

Events Planning Committee

Aparna, Vijaya, Venkaiah, Sumanth and Annapoorna have been elected to organize and oversee cultural and other events to be hosted and undertaken by TCF for the 2010-2011 year.

Video and Media

ATN Television network through the kind courtesy of Mr.D.V.S Rao  CEO of ATN will cover all events and functions hosted by TCF.


Kesav Rao Yalamanchili

Membership Co-ordination and sponsorship
Anil Lingamaneni will co-ordinate and register new memberships in the TCF as well as, procure and liaise with sponsors.

Financial and banking

The committee has unanimously agreed that TCF will open a bank account at the TD Canada Trust bank branch at 500 Rexdale Blvd, Toronto, Ontario.


Be it resolved that the organization be and that the following persons namely, Mr. Anil Kumar Lingamaneni and Dr, R.K.R. Surapaneni are hereby authorized to open and operate a bank account in the name of Telugu Canada Foundation.

Be it further resolved that both or either Mr. Surapaneni or Mr. Lingamaneni is authorized to deposit or withdraw funds or to issue cheques on behalf of the TCF. 
Executive Committee 2010-2011

The following are elected to hold office in the TCF
President: DR. R.K.R. Surapaneni
Secretary: N. Rama Krishna
Treasurer: Anil K. Lingamaneni
Committee members:
(1) Aparna Nalam, (2) Anantha Mahendra, (3) Sam B. Ganesh (4) Vijaya Pamidimukkula, (5) Yelamanchili Kesavarao ,(6) Timmeswara Rao Muppala,(7) Venkaiah Vaggu

Adopted by:

  • DR. R.K.R. Surapaneni
  • N. Rama Krishna
  • Anil K. Lingamaneni
  • Aparna Nalam
  • Anantha Mahendra
  • Sam B. Ganesh
  • Vijaya Pamidimukkula
  • Yelamanchili Kesavarao
  • Timmeswararao Muppala
  • Venkaiah Vaggu